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Queens it is now a call to arms...

Introducing The "Lady Killers" Gun Club.  The time has come to focus our divine femininity and aim our emotions towards a proper target.  This is a club created by a woman for women.  We are living in the times when we may be called to the duty of protecting ourselves and our families.  The days of standing behind a man have ended and the days of standing beside them has arrived.  We are strong, fearless, and most of all natural protectors.  Therefore, we have been created to answer this call to arms.  Join us and come with your Love Guns fully loaded! 




Founder of Lady Killers Gun Club Shani James has been shooting for over several years and has experience in firearms instruction for indoor & outdoor ranges.  She obtained her CCW Permit along with extensive tactical and gun safety fundamental training in Las Vegas, NV.  She is also a member of the NRA.  Her passion for shooting quickly developed into a need to pass on her knowledge and techniques to other women.  She says the focus and determination to correct and improve firearm skills & safety amongst women is what lead her to form the “Lady Killers Gun Club.”  Ms. James works solely with women beginner to advanced shooters who are seeking to develop a comfortable shooting level or enhance their current skills.  She created this gun club to serve as a safe and encouraging community for all women shooters. 

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